Why are Cats Afraid of Cucumbers

Did you know? I am more than sure you don’t. I will reveal one secret to you – cats are insanely scared of guess what? – Cucumbers. Yes, right, this is the veggie that makes them go crazy. These brave little lions are about to faint once they see a cucumber. Due to the internet we have made a shocking discovery recently. Guess what are cats afraid of..? A mouse you would say? No, mice are afraid of cats while cats are afraid of cucumbers. We have all seen many different kinds of videos on the Internet where people scare and surprise their cats with an innocent veggie – a long, green cucumber. After seeing a cucumber a cat starts jumping, running and what not. Once the cats notice the weird vegetable, they get stressed and jump as high as they can with their four paws right in the air, totally in panic. The biggest question is as follows; why does this happen to cats every time they see a cucumber.

According to the scientists this is not typical to the cucumber only. The fact that the cats feel a strange creature is approaching them and wants to sneak them up make cats get in panic. They associate this vegetable with a real snake and think there is a snake beside them, thus they behave accordingly. They believe this is a poisonous snake and try to get rid of it as soon as possible. They reduce risks of getting bitten this way.

If you were unaware of this trick now you feel like you want to try it on your poor cat? But does it really worth it to torture your poor cat that way giving her loads of stress and tension? This simple trick that we apply on our cats just for fun to see their reaction and laugh causes much stress to the cat in reality. This might be a cruel deed to our feline friend, so better not to try this and watch videos available on videos if you want to see the cat’s reaction to that. If you dare to do this activity repeatedly then you will make a behavior change in your cat and the latter will become more aggressive to other animals and even your family members or you. Also there is a high risk for the cat to get hurt while jumping back and forth after seeing the cucumber and the cat might break some of your favorite items at home not wanting it. You can never say what exact behavior your cat will have, so better not to try. Do not get cheated over the funny videos on this topic as the videos are made with one purpose – to make money with the help of the viewers and the likes the video gets.

There is nothing to get surprised at and you realize this after some time. We would also behave that way if something, very similar to a snake came closer to us. We would be even more stressed, excited and scared at the same time with a sight of a small snake in our snake.

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