Why a Cat is Better Than a Boyfriend

Broke up with another boyfriend? Again going through depression? Why make your life so hard? Free yourself with the possible hardships you may have in the future have a cat instead of a boyfriend.

Cats are fluffy

While your boyfriend is hairy and masculine, cats also are hairy, having a thick fur, but at least they are your cute live toys you can play with and calm down, get rid of all the tension you might have.

Cats like you the way you are

They will never make you get out of your comfort zone and do things you do not really want. It can be dong your hair, nails or epilation. They are ok if you gain some pounds and get fatter or on the contrary, get thinner. They do not give you a hard time by complaining from your appearance and you will be more than sure you cat will not fall in love with another cat and leave you because of this reason.

Innocent cuddling

You tried to do cuddling with your boyfriend right? And this led to where? To sex of course as boyfriends will never understand you just need some cuddling to get rid of the stress and depression. Cats feel exactly the same, they also need cuddling from time to time so you both can enjoy your favorite activity together and be sure no sex will occur as a result. You can just cuddle with your cat and have fun.

Will my parents approve of my new boyfriend?

Very had question, isn’t it? You have a new boyfriend, everything is good about your relationship, however, you might face a big trouble in terms of his meeting with your family. What if my family does not approve of him? What am I to do in that case? Easy solution – keep a cat instead, the family will definitely approve of your cute and fluffy cat as they know for hundred percent the cat will never betray you, is loyal and fully devoted to you as the owner.

Cats can distract you from your work

When this does your boyfriend, he will get under your skin and you will want to punish him for this, while in case of a cat, it is allowed. If a cat distracts you from the work of typing let’s say, you will not get mad at the cat and will smile instead and play with the cat.

Friends time

Cats will not be jealous if you go out with friends to hang out, which you definitely cannot say about a boyfriend who is jealous of your friends and wants you to spend all your free and busy time with him only. You are free to do whatever you wish. The cat will not prohibit you from anything you wish to do as they are independent.

Cats are amazing listeners

Share all your top secrets and thoughts with your caring cat who is eager to listen to every complaint of yours or thought you might have. Share every trouble you have and feel released. If you try to share something with your boyfriend, he will hardly be patient enough to listen to you till the end and if needed give a good advice. He will just tell you to stop complaining and that’s it.

No need for cooking

The cat will be pleased with whatever treat you give her, she will not complain and eat every bite you decide to give her. They do not have high demands and will be please with whatever you decide to feed them with. Of course sometimes they will come and touch your legs begging for something tasty, but if you do not give, it is ok. They will not harm you or insist on it.

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