What Cats See Through Their Eyes

A very interesting question, isn’t it? How could we have guessed the answer of it when we are humans and do not see the world from cats’ eyes. It is out of question that these adorable creatures have insanely wonderful eyes, but how do they see the world from their eyes?

Cats have a magic ability that humans do not and this is about their ability to see in the dark. This is why they are more of night creatures, designed to live and be more active at night. This phenomenon happens because their eyes have a big deal of light sensitive cells due to which cats are able to see in the darkness. By saying to see at night we do not mean of course total darkness, but compared to our sight, their sight is incredibly better, approximately from 3 to 8 times better than humans sight and this is a proven fact. This is also because of the size of their eyes. The right proportion with their head. Their heads are smaller and eyes are bigger. Cats are used to opening their eyes much wider than us as they only need very little amount of light to see compared to humans. You might have noticed that in fact, cat’s pupils are much wider and have the ability to dilate 3 times larger than us and their cornea is also larger which enables them to let in more light.

Another typical feature for cats is their extended visual field of 260 degrees. Of course we, humans have not that option at all. Ours is just 220 degrees. Why this happens? Again because of the position of his eyes on his head as they are more in the front part of the head and due to this they have a larger area of binocular vision that allows them to have a better peripheral vision.

You might have reviewed the process when your cat precisely jumps from the corner of the table to the top of the fridge let’s say. This happens due to the super sight the cat has. This is why a cat never falls off when making the jumps.

At the same time, cats cannot see anything less than a foot away. At this point their little whiskers become very useful to help them identify what’s going on just in front of them. Also, they see things in muted colors. The cat’s retina of the eyes has less “cones” than people do. This means that we have much higher and more active function in brighter light and we get a greater range of vibrant colors.

In fact, cats are not supposed to see the same wide range of colors as humans do. They are supposed to see only yellows and blues, thus, distinguishing between greens or reds might be impossible for them. At the same time, some other experts believe that cats sight and vision is limited to blues and grays only. The thing most experts believe in is that cats perceive colors with less richness of hues and saturation of colors than humans do.

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