Ragdoll Cats Behavior

Ragdoll cats are so sweet and unique, very playful and will jump happily into the arms of anyone who decides to pick it up. The need love and affection, they are open, playful and amiable. These friendly cats will easily jump into the arms of any person holding them. These fluffy creatures adore their owners and people in general and once they see a person at the door they warmly greet them, accompany them to the house and follow them around later on, when there is a chance they will settle down on your lap without even asking for permission or will snuggle in your bed as we all know they love soft and cozy corners. They are like kids, playful and energetic, active and smart at the same time. Continue reading Ragdoll Cats Behavior

How to Make my Cat Stop Biting?

These cute animals are able to bite as well can you imagine this? Super cute and fluffy at the same time aggressive if you make them. Some cats have a habit of biting especially strangers, people whom they do not know.

If your cat behaves like this, you will need to think about possible solutions to this issue, mainly, how to stop the cat from biting people. Like any other trick and technique, cats can be taught this as well. Just some patience is required and you will enjoy the result in the end.

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How to Make my Cat Love Me?

In fact, cats are the only animals on earth that badly need love and attention towards them from anyone, especially their owners. Of course all animals are live beings and every animal as a live creature needs affection. With cats this picture is more exaggerated as they are eccentric. Just show good attitude towards your cat and you will see her positive reaction. What do cats need? Someone to play with them, entertain them so that they do not get bored, food to eat not to starve and a cozy angle to lie down in. Continue reading How to Make my Cat Love Me?

Why Ragdoll Cats Are the Best

Ragdoll cats are considered to be one of the best breeds of cats that are rather new compared to other breed of cats. Other cats can be very old breed but Ragdoll cats date back for over five decades. Records indicate that the first kitten was born in the early 1960s in California. This breed became peoples’ beloved breed and gradually many people started to keep them as their favorite pets. Ragdolls are super fluffy cats with silky, rabbit-like fur. They have bright blue eyes. Ragdolls are easy going and you can easily let a child freely play with the cat and if he wants to carry them around the house like a real rag doll as per their real name. Continue reading Why Ragdoll Cats Are the Best

My Cat is Throwing up What Should I Do

cat diseasesOne thing to remember; when your cat throws up this is definitely not normal and something is going wrong here. This is why you need to quickly take measures in order to understand the problem and get rid of it quickly or else it will affect your cat and lower its life quality. You need to understand the cause of the vomiting itself. Once you understand what is the cause of the cats vomiting you can apply to your vet and discuss further possible treatments. Continue reading My Cat is Throwing up What Should I Do