My Cat is Throwing up What Should I Do

cat diseasesOne thing to remember; when your cat throws up this is definitely not normal and something is going wrong here. This is why you need to quickly take measures in order to understand the problem and get rid of it quickly or else it will affect your cat and lower its life quality. You need to understand the cause of the vomiting itself. Once you understand what is the cause of the cats vomiting you can apply to your vet and discuss further possible treatments.

Reason one; Food of Poor quality

This is directly connected to the results that can occur later on. If you feed your cat with a poor quality, rendered food, this will affect the cat and how the cat feels. What do we mean by saying rendered food? This means that the proteins in the cat’s food are not approved for human consumption. They consist of slaughterhouse leftovers – bird feathers and beaks, animal skin, hooves, eyes, and heads. Things humans definitely do not eat. Much amount of protein is included in these things, however, they can be very hard digested and assimilated, which will eventually result in vomiting. People do not say in vain that we are what we eat.

There are some cats who are allergic to food and this is expressed by ongoing vomiting for a long period of time. How to distinguish between vomiting because of food poisoning and just a random vomiting? In order to understand the full reason of vomiting just review the cat’s behavior. In case the cat acts normal, has a healthy weight and you would not say the cat is ill and by looking at it as the cat is energetic and playful, and still throws up from time to time, you should think of a possible food allergy being the possible cause for the random vomits. Cats become allergic to food in case you feed them with the same food for a long time. The problem is that all the cat owners tend to think that cats are not open to try new food and they get attached to the food they eat. However, this is far from reality. In fact, cats like to try new food and discover new taste. This is the main reason why cats tend to get fed up with the same diet. Cats mostly are seafood lovers and they are crazy about the proteins that can be found in the seafood. They will never refuse to eat seafood and once you want to change the cat’s diet, you can use tricks to make the cat eat other food as well apart from the usual every day food.

Reason two; Enzyme Deficiency

If the cat’s pancreas doesn’t produce enough lipase, protease, and amylase, this creates a chronic or acute low-grade case of pancreatitis which can result in a frequent vomiting. If you decide to add a digestive enzyme to the cat’s diet, this will be like buying insurance for your cat.

Reason three; Hairballs

This becomes a problem especially in case of long haired cats. Cats’ favorite activity is grooming themselves thus you can help the cat to reduce the amount of hair they deal with and might easily swallow. Brush the cat regularly and get rid of the hair she releases.

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