How to Make my Cat Stop Biting?

These cute animals are able to bite as well can you imagine this? Super cute and fluffy at the same time aggressive if you make them. Some cats have a habit of biting especially strangers, people whom they do not know.

If your cat behaves like this, you will need to think about possible solutions to this issue, mainly, how to stop the cat from biting people. Like any other trick and technique, cats can be taught this as well. Just some patience is required and you will enjoy the result in the end.

To solve the issue thoroughly you need to understand the reason why the cat started to bite people, what is going on with your cute cat. Try to find out the main reason for this. The cat might get overzealous while playing, get bored or frustrated and as a result starts to bite or maybe the cat is asking you to stop doing something that he does not like but you don’t hear him and still go on doing the same thing. Maybe the cat protests this way and shows his dislike for something. Try to understand the cat’s body language.

Stop teasing the cat by using your hand as a toy. This attracts cats attention and keeps it there all the time. Cats take this as their toy and start to play with biting your hand. Sometimes cats delve deep into the game and play eagerly even forgetting about themselves. Never use your hand as a toy when playing with your cat as they will get used to this. Instead of it use a toy that keeps your hands a safe distance from his mouth.

Stop the play at the right time. If you have noticed that your cat follows you during the game and you also notice the cats started to bite you from time to time it is just the right time to have a stop.

To teach your cat how to stop biting you simply turning your back to him as soon as he bites, this way you will interrupt the game immediately and the cat will start thinking that something is not going well here. While doing this trick never try to speak to the cat or resume play for one minute or else you will spoil everything. After several attempts like this the cat will finally get the message and stop doing it.

Use the time-out for your own benefit. Once you see the cat still biting you try another, stronger trick by sending a tougher message and slightly changing scenery. When you see the cat biting you, stop the play at that very moment, pick him up, bring to another room, and walk away.  Due to this trick the cat will understand that there is a clear connection between biting and the fun times ending.

Tire the cat out in order to make the cat feel relaxed and calm. If the cat still attacks you even after the game and bites sometimes, then probably the cat needs to drain some energy out. This is why you should spend some time playing with the cat and make it feel tired. If the cat is indifferent to other toys, you can freely use a laser pointer as this will definitely attract the cat. However, you do not need to overuse it as this will harm the cat.

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