How to Make my Cat Love Me?

In fact, cats are the only animals on earth that badly need love and attention towards them from anyone, especially their owners. Of course all animals are live beings and every animal as a live creature needs affection. With cats this picture is more exaggerated as they are eccentric. Just show good attitude towards your cat and you will see her positive reaction. What do cats need? Someone to play with them, entertain them so that they do not get bored, food to eat not to starve and a cozy angle to lie down in.

Despite this all, we should keep in mind that cats are rather independent and they really need some time for themselves and of course personal space. They are playful, at the same time they enjoy staying alone, on themselves. This is why it is very important for you to keep the healthy balance between playing with the cat and giving it free time if you want your cat to love you even more and miss you.

Avoid the typical mistakes many cat owners make, that they treat cats like dogs. One thing to always clearly remember is that these animals are quite different.

Do not punish your cute cat if she did something wrong. Try to avoid resorting to punishment. When you decide to punish cats and either yell or do any other aggressive actions, they will run away. Sure there are many things you can teach your cat through discipline but you need to remember that your cat will hardly love you if you keep being mean to her. You should never strike a cat as this will only make matters worse. In this list we can add spraying a cat with water as well, cat owners do this trick in order to punish bad behavior of the cat. One thing is clear; water-spraying will definitely make your cat be afraid of you and distrust you as well.

Feed the cat with tasty treats. Feed her with quite different meals and this way you will discover your cat’s favorite treats. Cats are like people and they also have some special kinds of foods that prefer more compared to others. Once you have found out what are your cat’s favorite foods, you can use this when you bring them up, instead of spraying water and giving unpleasant time to your cat you will praise her good behavior by giving her a treat that she is crazy about.  Tastes are quite different of course, they can vary, but small tuna flakes and cooked chicken pieces are always the best.  Never feed the cat with milk as dairy is unhealthy for them so do your best for cats to avoid eating diary. Same goes about chocolate, candy, raw eggs, raw meat or fish.

Also, it is very important for you to learn and respect your cat’s body language. Cats use their body language in order to communicate and express every feeling they have, be it trust or even fear. Their poses contain important messages, like when you see their back arched, upright hair along the spine, and unsheathed claws, this means that your cat feels threatened and you should leave her alone now.

If you see your cat nudging to you, this indicates that your cat wants to play with you and when the cat curls its tail around you, it’s probably expressing contentment. Learn the cat’s body language starting from today.

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