Best Names for Your New Cat

You have a new pet and you can enjoy the cat’s company. You enjoyed all the happy moments spent with your cat, played with her and you are so excited about the new family member you have. Now the most important and responsible time has come, the name selection part. This is fatal and by one simple decision you make the whole life of the cat will go. Everyone will call the cat by her name, so pay meticulous attention to the selection of the name not to have frustration later on. Every day new names are created and selected for cats. Innovation is very frequent here. The most widely spread names are; Bella, Goofy, Snowy, Whisky, Felix, Lucifer and many others.

A very easy way of choosing a name for the cat is to delve deep into your past. You might decide to name your cat in memory of a favorite childhood or family pet. Give the cat the same name that is associated with the pet from your childhood. Here the same technique is applied when people pass on family names. This way you provide your new pet with a recognized name of the previous pet you used to have and this way the new pet will feel right at home in her new family.

Who said baby names are only for babies? Nothing at all. You can give these name to your beloved cat and enjoy calling the cat by that name. This is why names are so different depending on the area people live, what names are more common in those specific areas and to that specific language of course.

If you are an out of a box thinker and you are creative you can make up the name yourself. It is not a must to name the cat with the name your previous pet had. Take some time for yourself and think for a moment. Speak out some names to find out which name appeals to you more. Whatever name you like feel free to name the cat that way. The cat will like the name you give to her and will have no objections at all. She leaves this responsible task on yourself so it is up to you to decide her name.

Another easier way to decide what name to give the cat is to simply look at the cat for a moment.

What does it look like, what is it associated with in your mind, what does it resemble? You can analyze this for a moment for yourself in your mind, ask friends opinion if you want and finalize your decision based on your own and friends’ opinions. It might have a long white fur and super fluffy so you can name it either Fluffy or Snowy. Or it can look like your friend Felix and you can name her Felix and have fun every time you call it. Or, you can name her with the name of your ex-boyfriend or whoever you wish. Use your imagination and choose a proper name for your cat.





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